Funville VB: Upgrades and changes

The Virginia Beach Funville has undergone some renovations, and with it came a much bigger toddler section and some upgrades to the larger play structure. They also changed out the bumper cars for a Virtual Reality center and still have the Ninja Warrior Course. With these changes comes an increase in price. The full price is now $13.50. The toddler playground is now $7.00, but in my opinion so worth it with the upgrades. Children are asked to be below 36 inches in this area.
The hours have also changed, something I'm guessing other toddler moms are  bummed about, as there is now less time to play before nap time. Hours are now Monday-Friday 11-8, Saturday 10-9, and Sunday 11-7.
Mondays are Military Mondays, offering 10% off with ID.  Every other Tuesday at both locations is Play Day. Kids get $1.00 off admission and a free slice of pizza. This is also a change from their weekly toddler Tuesday meal deal cost. Wednesday is Homeschool day in VB, Thursday in Chesapeake, and home school students receive $1.50 off.
There are a few upgrades to the rest of the play areas, but what really stands out is the toddler area. I still wish that they would change to an order take a number style rather than the wait staff. We had an issue where we ordered and went to play and they never put it in because no one was sitting at the table. I get it. Apparently lots of people order and leave. But we ended up having to leave anyway because we had a group of hungry kids since the food was never even put in! It's a bummer when you're having an awesome time. If you're looking for some indoor fun, check it out! 

Holiday Happenings in Downtown Norfolk

Day one of winter break was spent in one of our favorite places- downtown Norfolk. You might not think that there is a lot to do for toddlers, but there is tons of free fun! Parking at the mall right now is free. RT could watch the Light Rail go by for hours but right now there is an actual train exhibit downtown in the Selden Marketplace until the 26th. Be sure on your walk to take the long way and take a view of the Wisconsin.
The model train exhibit is put on by the Atlantic Coast "S" Gaugers and is free and open to the public from 11-5. They are a not for profit club that has divisions all over the state. They encourage kids to press all the buttons, and there are a LOT! There is a donation cup if you are willing to help.
Heading back to MacArthur, if you can convince your kid (I couldn't) there is the Impulse exhibit which has sets of large light-up and music-playing seesaws. What was a hit for us though was Ilot De Chaleur, which lights up and will eventually play music the more you run around it. This was really fun. 
If you've got time, be sure to check out Dickens' ChristmasTowne also. Doing fun things with your kids doesn't have to cost a lot of money; sometimes it's just finding the things to do! Don't forget- we have a daily calendar of events on our page! 

The Pink Roller: New Location!

Yesterday we had an awesome meet up at the Pink Roller's new location inside Military Circle Mall. Although I went to the movies there in high school, I hadn't been past the movies in years, and many mamas that I talked to said the same, but the mall had a ton going on. There was a comicon going on, a vendor event, and holiday happenings. There is also now a play area in the food court and they even had a free bounce house set up. The mall has free Friday night fitness classes and free jazz performances too.
Since our last post on the Pink Roller, they have expanded into this space and added a ton of new stuff. The party room is huge and they use it for lots of things, in addition to their parties. There are now dance classes with ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.   There is yoga for ages 1-10. In the front there is a large open play area. They also added a Serenity Room where mamas can breastfeed or calm down kids who need a break for a few minutes. 

I love that there is a corner just for babies. I didn't think Ronnie would be able to do anything but sit in the stroller or the wrap, but there was several things he was able to do. RT spent the time running around, climbing, playing with trucks, riding on cars, and getting into everything else. They have an air hockey table and basketball hoop too.  We had a range of ages and all the kids were having fun! 
The Pink Roller is closed on Mondays, but other than that, open mall hours. Stop in and play! 

Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2019

Holy Christmas lights. If you haven't been to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens yet this year, here's what to expect. The park has over 10 million lights, and they are amazing. From the second you walk into England and look up, you can tell that you're going to be in for a beautiful experience. But the crowds were intense. I've never seen it so crowded. Maybe it was because not all the rides were open to take up the time of as many people, but it was hard to walk. Go into it knowing this... and bring a snack because there was a 30 minute wait to get into some of the food places, just to get in line inside. The train was a highlight (obviously.. that's all RT cares about!) but we had to wait about 45 minutes for that also. Also open was Invadr, Verbolton, the buckets, Mach Tower, and many of the smaller and kid rides. Seasame Forest and Land of the Dragons were both mostly open too.
Another highlight was the peanut butter hot chocolate, which was well worth the $5.00. We grabbed that while Neil and RT warmed up in the arcade. Nothing like the taste of a melted Reese's cup to warm you up.
The park had tons of shows going on, both indoors and outdoors. Outside in Germany we passed through Wilkommenhaus, a techno light show projected on the building and O'Tannenbaum a timed musical light show outside of the Fest Haus. Also outside is Elmo's Christmas Wish, Believe, and 'Twas The Night plus carolers spread throughout the park.  Inside there is Deck The Halls, Gloria, and Scrooge No More. Also inside of Ireland's Castle O'Sullivan is Santa's Fireside Feast. For photos check out Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, which is located in the line of Appolo's Chariot. In addition to Rudolph kids can meet Clarice, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble, and a Snowman. Santa's Workshop is located in the Dark Castle and has cookie decorating too. New this year is a Christmas Tree Maze with over 500 live trees. This is where you'll see a mention of Hanukah!
A couple ways to save some money: 
  • The Souvenir Hot Beverage Mug is $8.39 but lets you get $2.59 refills. You can refill with coffee, hot chocolate, and soda. (No Starbucks or Ghirardelli) 
  • Bring your regular Busch Gardens refillable cup. You can still use it. 
  • A cup of water is free. 
  • Look into the online prepaid Meal Deal options. 
Christmas Town is open until January 5th. Be sure to check social medias before you go. The park has been known to sell out for the night! Be mentally ready when you go to take slow strolls, have some wait time, and enjoy the beautiful lights! Final tip we discovered: When you enter the park, in the stroller and wheelchair rental kiosk, they have air pressure (in case your stroller tire is flat, like ours was) and even bottles for sale (in case you forget one, which we didn't this time!). A reminder, there are nursing stations throughout the park.
All in all, a beautiful night.

Build Your Tribe

I have said time and time again that being a mama is the hardest job that I can think of. A few weeks ago, while Neil was out of town, his mother fell and broke her hip in front of my house. I happened to be out back and heard her screaming, but the boys were inside alone- baby screaming, RT standing in the doorway watching it all. In a moment of helplessness I had to tell his mom that I had to leave her there alone, laying on the ground, in the rain, while I ran inside to call 911. My mom was out of town. My closest neighbors were out of town. I literally went running banging on doors for help. I had to mobilize my village, near and far. How would I get through loss, broken hips, sick kids, oil changes, and everything in between without them? What would I do without this support network of mine? 

But lots of mothers have no village. We live in an area where people move a lot, and their families are often far. Neighborhood parties and get togethers are a thing of the past. "Room moms" and school communities are lacking. Paying babysitters, carpoolers, and dog walkers is expensive and feels impossible. So how do we build our villages? How do we take time from our lives which are already so busy, so hectic, so overwhelming, and build these villages up?  Making and keeping friendships as an adult is hard. Thinking about the people who I can truly depend on, most of them have been around since childhood. So how do we develop new friendships? Where do we meet these mamas? At playgrounds, the adults seem to be on their phones scrolling rather than talking to each other. So I'm throwing this challenge out to us all. Come to a TAT meet up. Put the phone away and talk to at least one other mama. Share one thing about you or your kid. Tell them one local place you love or one mom tip you can't live without.  This month we are meeting up at The Pink Roller on December 21st. We would love for you to join us!

The Pump and Dump Show: A Review

The Virginia Beach Funny Bone was packed on Tuesday night with moms who needed a break. A break from feeding babies, changing diapers, hearing whining, and the hundred judgments we all get daily. The Pump and Dump show is a prewritten musical act that embodies the hardships of motherhood, but also reminds mothers to stand together and remind each other that we are awesome. Songs like "Eat Your Fuckin' Food" and "The Lies That We Tell Ourselves" will remain in your head for days, and have you giggling days later when in fact, they are right- you don't get anything done while the baby is asleep. We had a meet up of some blog reading mamas before heading over to the Funny Bone, and when they come back- you should too! We deserve a night off! When is the last time you were out on a school night with your girls?! Clearly we weren't the only ones who needed a laugh because the show was sold out- my first time ever being at the Funny Bone this crowded.
Several segments brought in audience participation which I liked. My favorite segment asked the audience to submit "the most fucked up things their kids have done recently" and in 2018 the group put the best of them together in their book Parentally Incorrect . Paperbacks are available for less than $4.00 on the link above.
The tour travels regularly, and they will be back in Virginia Beach on March 19th. The show lasts an hour and a half, and you'll be home by 10! Check it out when they return! 

She Works Hard for the Mommy V. 10

This week we have a special edition of S.W.H.F.T.M. Although Erin's kids are no longer a toddlers I wanted to be sure to have her on because she works with something that I think is so important for us mamas. Special thanks for Erin for being featured! If you're interested in doing a workshop-invite me! I'm one of those "put myself on the back burner" types.

Hello! I want to start by saying I love the title of this blog- She works hard for the Mommy! It is so creative and I think this lines up exactly with where I am now in my career. My name is Erin Glace and I am a Physical Therapist specializing in Pelvic Health. A bit about my personal life first. I married my high school sweetheart and we moved to Hampton Roads soon after, thinking we would be here for a short time and we are still here 30 years later. We have raised 3 kids ages 24, 22 and 18- 2 girls and a boy in the middle. All of my kids went through the Western Branch Schools, Go Bruins! My baby is now at JMU and we are empty nesters. Everyone asks how I feel about that and honestly it is with a mix of emotions but mostly pride in my kids and enjoying some time with the hubby. Empty nesting is also giving me the opportunity to pursue something I have talked about for many years- Mommy Care PT!
Mommy Care PT is my side hustle. I am teaching workshops for women about pre and postnatal care for themselves. I want women to learn ways to recover their pelvic, abdominal and core strength and control. It is my work passion. Throughout the years, I have worked with many women who had pelvic health issues like prolapse, urinary incontinence, pelvic and back pain, and C-section scar pain. It is interesting that we will rehab an injured knee but somehow expect a woman’s body to just “bounce back”. I know that we have been having babies forever, but we know more now and we can do better. My patients frequently ask me, “Erin, why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before?”. Sadly, I just don’t know. In the medical community, we know that certain pelvic floor issues are strongly associated with childbirth. Women are strong and we can continue to be strong and even stronger with some knowledge! Knowledge is power. Power to choose to be proactive in your own health care. I believe the subject of pelvic health is a bit taboo and as a society we are still somewhat embarrassed to discuss these important issues.
A workshop with Mommy Care PT includes information about how the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy, anatomy of the belly and pelvic floor, simple ways to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdomen before and after pregnancy, and ways to protect your pelvic floor muscles. These important muscles are critical to core strength, bladder and bowel control and sexual function and they can also contribute to pain in the pelvis, abdomen and low back. These are important muscles in my book. And a side note, Kegels  are important but these exercises are not the only thing and some women should not do Kegels!
I fully recognize the difficulty of being a mom balancing work, kids and family. Even with my “kids- now adults” away at school, it can still be a balancing act. Moms have a tendency to back burner our own health care and my hope is that as the conversation grows about maternal health, women will be empowered to take steps to prioritize their wellness. If my girls have babies in the future, I would love for proactive pelvic health care to be the norm.

I am partnering with some local businesses to provide these workshops but will also do them privately for groups of as few as 2 women. If you are interested in a workshop, please email me at and follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates and information – Mommy Care PT.