The Pink Roller

You know how sometimes you walk into a place, and you can just feel the love that the owners have for a place? That's The Pink Roller. Located on 26th street in Norfolk, the Pink Roller opened as a place for kids under six to play.

The Pink Roller, a name picked as both a cultural reference and a nod to both owners' grandmothers, tries to focus on simple play. Rather than having screens and noise coming from everywhere, the toys that you find there will encourage kids to use their imaginations for play. They have things like play grocery stores, kitchens, ironing boards, washing machines, and even a hot dog cart. There is a rack of dress up clothes and a log cabin which was a hit with the boys. They even have an inflatable bounce house, which although RT has been asking me about one for five weeks, he refused to get in.
What most stood out to me, though, was the support for the community that the owners have. They picked their location based on need. It's right next to a bus stop, and it is in an area where many people could walk. I say this as someone who is Norfolk born and raised and who teaches in Norfolk. I love the kids in this city, but sometimes, they are given an unfair shake at things. This is a perfect place for kids of all backgrounds to find a middle ground to meet and play. They purposefully kept the cost down, at only $5.00 for the entire day. They have free Friday night game nights for the community for people of all ages. Their cafe sells to any and all people who are looking for a treat. They offer free meeting spaces during lunch Monday-Thursday for study groups, mommy meet ups, and community organizations. They also have a free Friday story time at 11. Families can choose to stay and play for the regular admission fee afterwards if they want. Norfolk needs these local gems.
They do offer birthday parties, at some of the most affordable rates I've seen. Their weekend parties start at $175 and includes the decorations, pizza, popcorn, punch, and admission for 12 kids. During the week they welcome homeschool groups, mom meet ups, and field trips. They even offer Stay and Play options for just $10.00 an hour (up to three hours). That's cheaper than some babysitters! They also offer fundraiser opportunities for schools and large groups. Another plus - they clean toys whenever groups leave, and they do a deep cleaning every night.

Some things to note:

  • The Pink Roller is located on 26th street. Just be aware that 26th is a one way street, so slow down when you get close so that you don't pass it. 
  • There is a large parking lot behind the shopping center, and there is a back door. 
  • One thing we noticed that we liked is that there was a diaper gene in the bathroom. 
  • If you're into football- they do have a fire stick and a TV that they can put the game on for you while they are there. So if you're looking to watch the big game in peace while your kid plays, it's an option! 
  • Game night is every Friday, all ages from 4-8 pm. It's FREE and they have food and drink specials. 
  • Follow their Facebook for specials. They had a winter break special for only $8.00. For ALL OF WINTER BREAK. They also sometimes will post Free Play Fridays where they have free admission. Free. Like... no cost. Totally free. 
  • They have locker rentals available for an extra dollar. I love this. 
  • They have a loyalty program where if you visit ten times, you get a free visit! 
  • On Fridays they do a FREE story time at 11. If you want to stay and play afterwards, just pay the regular drop in admission fee. 
I'm so thrilled that Norfolk has a place like this now. I'm planning on adding this to our list of places that we ask for passes to for birthdays and holidays. I'm really excited to see them grow and to see what role they play in the community. We have to be the ones to build each other up!

Ongoing Events:
Friday Story Time 11 FREE!
Friday Game night 4-8