5 Reasons To Visit the OBX In The Off Season

01. No Crowds: Visiting during the summer is great, but it can get so crowded. Take advantage of the off season to try some of the restaurants you eyed this summer, but your kids couldn't wait two hours to get into. Go play minigolf without the line of ten other families stacking up behind you. 

02. The sun views: If you love watching the sunrise and sunset, this is the time to do it. Since the sun doesn't rise as early, you can get up in time to have a cup of coffee on the beach while you watch it. Or, watch the sunset earlier in the day with your whole family without ruining the bedtime routine. Plus, take advantage of the earlier sunsets and watch ghost crabs or stargaze. 

03. Fly a kite: This is prime time to fly a kite on the beach, where your string won't get caught on everyone else's. Take advantage of the wide open beaches and breezes. 

04. Museums: Checkout the OBX Aquarium, Roanoke Island, Wright Brothers Memorial and the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Watch a demonstration from the Chicamacomico Life- Saving Station, or visit the many light houses. 

05. The prices: A beach house in the OBX in the middle of summer can run you a pretty penny. But visiting in the off season allows you to stay at the same house for a fraction of the cost! 

Jurassic Quest

Dinosaurs have taken over the Hampton Roads Convention Center this weekend in Hampton. Travel back in time and visit these dinosaurs this weekend only. A warning, prep your kids because these dinosaurs move and make noise, something I hadn't warned my youngest about and he jumped about a foot. Grab an activity hunt on the way in, and stop at each location listed to do a family activity and snap a photo. Once you're done, you can trade this in for a dino tattoo as you exit. 
After going through the exhibit, stop at the fossil table and kids can ask their expert tons of questions. Then head to the dino training show. It runs for about 15 minutes at the bottom of the hour. Last show is usually at 6:30. 

For an additional $15, you can purchase a wristband for kids to enjoy a variety of activities including several bounce houses, play areas, and driving mini jeeps, riding on moving dinosaurs, doing a craft, or playing at the sports station. There are two bounce houses and a play area just for ages 3 and under, and the jeep riders must be under the age of 6. Otherwise, parents can purchase tickets for $5 each. Keep in mind that the activities are on a timer in order to make sure that everyone gets a turn, so those tickets will run through quickly if you go that route! Save 10% off the ticket price with code Dino10!