The Weeping Radish, OBX Monster Trucks, and Digger's Dungeon

While heading down to H2Obx, we passed a few places that caught our eye. The Weeping Radish is a favorite of ours because they were kind enough to donate to our Pancreatic Cancer auction a few years back. We always try to stop in to support them while passing through but we never had the chance to do a tour. We noticed that they have added goats to their property and fenced in an area outside, so we stopped for lunch. The owner, Uli, is hilarious. He moved to this country as a farmer, but his brother convinced him to start the brewery in 1985, and it is actually the oldest brewery in North Carolina. It is so old that it was illegal when he first tried to open. Nothing like that had ever been done, and they had to rewrite the laws to continue. They went through the state legislature and, in six months, a foreigner on a Visa changed North Carolina's history. They moved to the current location in 2000. Their entire philosophy emphasizes using less chemicals and eliminating any preservatives to make everything as fresh as possible. Almost everything they use comes from within 200 miles, from the retail store on one side to the brewery and restaurant on the other. 

Uli was raised in a culture where beer and family are entwined. OBX attracts a family friendly audience, and the Weeping Radish does too. In 2008, as a response to the need for activities for kids in the middle of financial crisis where less people were traveling, Uli built an ice skating rink on their property. It wasn't cost effective, but it gave the local families something to look forward to for the holiday. Uli said the best part was that the little kids were using kegs to lean on to learn to skate. Stop by and grab lunch and a flight. Sit outside and let your kids play with the goats while you eat. Take them upstairs to the viewing site to get a peak at how the beer is made. 

From there, head further down the road to OBX Monster Trucks and Digger's Dungeon. For $10 a person (cash only) you can grab a ride on top of a monster truck. The ride lasts about five minutes, but you can hang out on the property where there is a petting zoo and play area. For $5 a kid, young kids can drive a mini monster truck. Further down is Digger's Dungeon where you'll see the garage for both working and retired trucks plus a large gift shop. Inside the shop is a small race track which kids can play on for free. Ice cream and snacks are for sale in a 50's style themed restaurant. 

B & L Farm Market

B & L Farm Market sits on 5 acres of land and has goats, chickens, ducks, and a pig for visitors to view, and most important, they have picked up on one of the most missed pieces of Covid... story time. Every Tuesday at 11:00, children are invited to enjoy a story and songs. Pick up some local produce, plants, seafood, jams, or cheese while you're there. I love supporting local businesses, but even more than that, I love businesses who support local parents with things like free story times. Address is 1065 First Colonial Rd
Virginia Beach, VA. Stop by one day this summer! 

A Letter On Your 2nd Birthday

Baby R,

Yesterday was when this should have been posted, but we got in a really bad car accident, which left us all shaken up. Your life has sort of been like that, a bit of a shake up. Most of your little life has been during Covid, which means that you never got to do some of the "typical" baby things. You never got to do the story times at the library. You've never really been old enough to do anything fun at temple, and you've had few experiences at basic things like grocery stores. This year as we approached the two year mark, we started to worry about your speech. You're so smart, but you get so frustrated that you can't always communicate those feelings. We started OT, which is where we were directed, and we are learning that you might just have very strong opinions about things. It's been a struggle, but things are improving and you're getting funnier and more affectionate every day.

Your favorite food is "pop pops," aka lollipops, and you would spend all of your time with animals if you could. You're particularly interested in dogs, but you also love going to the petting farm to see goats and chickens. Airplanes have really caught your attention, and you're really interested in the moon.

This year we have traveled up to Baltimore and down to both Raleigh and the Outer Banks. We have visited museums, parks, and played just about everywhere, but we are still trying to snag a family picture in which you are cooperative. We love your grumpy faces and stank eyes, and we love it even more when we can sneak a picture of a smile! Happy birthday! 

Summer Meal Offerings

Local summer meal offerings. (Updated as more cities post their information.)



For more information, contact Edwina Forrest at (757) 727-2350 or via email at


  • The summer meals program is open to all children 18 & under, free of cost. Select locations start serving summer meals on Monday, June 21st.

    The summer meals program spans beyond schools to various recreation centers, camps, community centers, and libraries across Norfolk to help us reach Norfolk children where they already are. 

    No enrollment necessary, just simply show up to a feeding site during serving times.

    • As School Nutrition prepares to transition into the summer academic break, there will be some changes to the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). 

      What is not changing:

      • Breakfast and lunch will be offered free of charge on all operational days to children participating in educational and childcare programs occurring in Norfolk Public Schools.
      • Grab-N-Go breakfast and lunch for any child (age 18 and under) will be available free of charge at the updated locations listed below. Meals may be picked up by a child or an adult.  Enrollment in an NPS program is not required. 
      • Meals for the weekend will be available on the last serving day of each week.

      What is changing:

      • There will be no meal service during the week of June 21-25. If you will need food assistance during this time, please contact the Office of School Nutrition by June 17th at
      • Plans for mobile meal service will be announced very soon!!! Please continue to check our web site and follow us on social media at @SchoolMeals_NPS.   
      • Effective June 28, Grab-N-Go meals (choice of hot and cold options) will be available at the following schools, Monday- Thursday. Times are listed below.
      1. Camp Allen Elementary                                      12:00 PM- 1:00 PM        
      2. Coleman Place Elementary                                 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      3. Ingleside Elementary                                         11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      4. James Monroe Elementary                                 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      5. Larchmont Elementary                                      11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      6. Ocean View Elementary                                     11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      7. Norview Elementary                                            1:00 PM- 2:00 PM
      8. Richard Bowling Elementary                               11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      9. Southside STEM Academy                                    1:00 PM- 2:00 PM
      10. Helena Elementary                                            11:00 AM- 1:00 PM
      11. Tarrallton Elementary                                        12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
      12. Tidewater Park Elementary                                  1:00 PM- 2:00 PM
      13. Willoughby Early Childhood Center                     12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
      • Effective week of July 14, Grab-N-Go (cold) meals will be available at the following Norfolk Libraries from 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM on a first come, first served basis.
      1. Baron F. Black (6700 E Tanners Creek Drive)    Tuesday & Wednesday 
      2. Blyden Branch (879 E Princess Anne Road)      Monday & Tuesday
      3. Janaf Brach (124 Janaf Shopping Center)        Wednesday & Thursday
      4. Jordan Newby Anchor (1425 Norchester Ave)   Friday only
      5. Mary Pretlow Anchor (111 W Ocean View Ave) Tuesday- Friday
      6. Park Place Branch (620 W 29th St)                  Friday only
      7. Slover (235 E Plume Street)                           Tuesday- Friday

    Virginia Beach: 
    Summer Food Service will resume Monday, June 28, via the regular drive-thru model. Both breakfast and lunch meals will be provided Monday-Thursday between 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., with Thursday’s bag containing breakfast and lunch meals for Friday-Sunday. All students, whether in a face-to-face summer program or picking up meals through the drive-thru model, will receive a free breakfast and lunch.

    Meal pickup service will be offered at the following schools:

    The Friday Five v. 20

    I Thought I Wouldn’t Stress Over Post-Pandemic Swimsuit Season … I Was Wrong- Our trip to the water park is this weekend, and I could have written this myself. 

    These innovative designs are tackling taboo health issues for women"Women's health has been under-prioritized and neglected for decades," said CEO Frederik Petursson Madsen over email. "Despite having billions of users, there has been very little innovation in the industry."

    This teacher on TikTok is teaching parents the ABCs of childcare- I have shared his IG before, but I had no idea he was from VA! 

    Father and Daughter Put Cicadas Into Cute Poses for Fun Photos in Virginia- More VA love! 

    The Parents Guide to Supporting LGBTQIA+ Kids 


    We recently visited H2Obx, and I have to say I am so, so excited to share that it is the most family friendly water park I've taken my kids to. I know it is a small thing, but I hate paying to park, and H2Obx not only has free parking, but it is a super short walk to the entrance. The whole park is themed around the Outer Banks, with rides like Wild Horse Run and Queen Anne's Revenge and pirate ships to climb. 
    We opted to go on a cloudy day, and there was no crowd. We easily found seats under the largest umbrella I've ever seen for our entire party. We set our stuff at Sand Pail Beach, where we left it all day. The park is easily walkable. Here there are slides for babies and children, water features to play in, and even swings. Some of the rides we could go down together which was great for kids like little R who have never been to a water park before. 
    From there we headed to Calico Jack's Cove, a water playground with buckets dumping water, water cannons, geysers, nets to climb up and slides to splash down. Calico Jack's sits right behind Twin Tides, a smaller version of Cat 5, H2Obx's wave pool. Lifejackets are required for kids, but provided. 
    We eventually found our way to Deep Six Adventure Lagoon, obstacle courses that RT was able to do without issues, but we hilariously struggled on. There are three challenges, the Lilly Pads, a floating course, and a rock climbing through a waterfall wall. From there head to Teach's Tides Adventure River, over 1,000 feet of lazy river with two entrances and exits. 
    Our group of five had lunch for around $40.00. That included a beer from the park, which was particularly familiar. Our own local O'connors brews a lager specifically for the park. Ask for an H2OBX four sure to snag one. Food is not allowed in the park, but they do allow reentry. We were particularly thankful for this during nap time when one person took little R home while the rest of us stayed. There are lots of showers and lockers. Each guest can bring in one unopened bottle of water or an empty reusable water bottle to be filled up inside the park. Another option is to grab a refillable mug for $9.99, with $.99 refills.  This can be used all season. 
    We took a risk going on a cloudy day, but there is a policy in place. If the park has to close for 90 minutes, guests are issued a return visit voucher. Guests can rent a cabana, which were beautiful and some even had a t.v. Ages 2 and under are free. For a single day ticket, under 42 inches is $26.99, and over 42" is $36.99. Not bad for 10:00 -6:00. There is a discount for seniors and military, and twilight passes for just the afternoon. If you're going to be in the OBX for a while, the 8 day Vacation Pass for $39.99 might be your best option, or buy a family 4 pack for $29.99 each. Best of all, use code Toddlin for a discount! 

    Going Places! Nauticus

    Here for the summer, Nauticus' newest exhibit, Going Places, offers visitors an interactive look at planes, trains, ships, and more. Ride a hovercraft, steer a boat, race bikes, fly a plane, drive a drone, check luggage for suspicious packages and more.
    Going Places gives visitors a behind the scene look at the technology that goes into our transportation. You are challenged to get all of the luggage to the right spot at the airport, plan traffic lights for the most efficient flow, and map out train routes to pick up the most passengers. (We spent 30 minutes making the trains crash instead. The boys laughed hysterically.) 
    The exhibit opens tomorrow with 17 interactive stations, , and it will be here until October 10th. We love that the Nauticus family pass is only $99, making it the cheapest around Tidewater. Inside the museum are fish tanks, shark exhibits, hermit crabs, and a children's area. Kids can fish with magnetic poles, pretend play in boats, or challenge one another to giant battleship. The membership includes access to the battleship Wisconsin  and access to the Summer Nights events, open till 8 this summer on June 17th, July 22nd, and  August 19th. 

    The Children's Museum REOPENS!

    Big news! The Children's Museum of Virginia, located in Portsmouth, has reopened. The museum is open for two timed sessions a day, where tickets must be bought in advance. The sessions are Wednesday through Sunday 9:00-11:45 and 1:15-4:00. Each session has one planetarium show.

    I felt very comfortable with all the safety steps they are taking. Cleaning was happening continuously during our trip.  Masks and social distancing are recommended. There are limits for how many families can be at each exhibit, and the grocery store exhibit is still closed. The current traveling exhibit is Some Assembly Required, put on by Build A Bear Workshop, and it will be on display until September 12th. 

    Washed Ashore: Botanical Gardens

    Following the theme of Nauticus' Planet or Plastic Exhibit, Botanical Gardens now presents Washed Ashore: Art to Save The Sea. Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi created the art from thrown out plastics and trash that were littering beaches and oceans. In an effort to help educate the public, Angela hopes that viewers will learn about the 300 million pounds of plastic produced globally, and that less than ten percent is actually recycled. 

    In each of the 15 pieces, check for the scavenger hunt of materials used. Be sure to check out the custom made eagle just for this exhibit. Washed Ashore opens officially today, and  it will be here all summer. 

    The Friday Five v. 19

    It's Friday! Exciting news, the Children's Museum reopens this weekend to members, the Air and Space Museum has a new dinosaur movie, and we have tons to do on our daily calendar. 

    In the meantime, here are find reads to hold you over. Enjoy! 

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