Going Places! Nauticus

Here for the summer, Nauticus' newest exhibit, Going Places, offers visitors an interactive look at planes, trains, ships, and more. Ride a hovercraft, steer a boat, race bikes, fly a plane, drive a drone, check luggage for suspicious packages and more.
Going Places gives visitors a behind the scene look at the technology that goes into our transportation. You are challenged to get all of the luggage to the right spot at the airport, plan traffic lights for the most efficient flow, and map out train routes to pick up the most passengers. (We spent 30 minutes making the trains crash instead. The boys laughed hysterically.) 
The exhibit opens tomorrow with 17 interactive stations, , and it will be here until October 10th. We love that the Nauticus family pass is only $99, making it the cheapest around Tidewater. Inside the museum are fish tanks, shark exhibits, hermit crabs, and a children's area. Kids can fish with magnetic poles, pretend play in boats, or challenge one another to giant battleship. The membership includes access to the battleship Wisconsin  and access to the Summer Nights events, open till 8 this summer on June 17th, July 22nd, and  August 19th.