Pool at the Kroc Center

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Since there was no school yesterday, we decided to meet up with some friends and check out the Kroc Center in Norfolk which is part of The Salvation Army. (Located on Balentine Blvd.) The pool was awesome. It has a little beach entry, so the boys could walk in and out themselves. They had a water table like toy in shallow area and a little climbing area where kids can climb and slide. There was a big kid/adult slide, but it doesn't open until one. There was also a lazy river, and some little alcoves to sit and chat in. This was all in addition to the main swimming area, which is more of your typical swimming pool.
Ever tried to get four toddlers to take a picture? Impossible!

Pool Rules: 
  • Boys must wear swim trunks, no cotton shorts or gym shorts. 
  • One adult must be in arms reach per 3 kids.
  • Adult or guardian must be at least 16 years of age. 
  • Ages 10-12 may be at the pool, with a parent in the building
  • Ages 13 and up can be at the pool without an adult in the building. 

I don't have a lot of thoughts for improvement, but I did have a couple. I want this blog to always be honest reviews of everywhere we go. I thought that the $12.00 entry fee was a little high. It was a day pass, so we could leave and come back, but come on.... lunch and nap time have to happen.  (They do have a little grill inside the center!) I was bummed that the big slide wasn't open until one. I lifeguarded all through high school and college, so I recognize that they need to have a lifeguard in this zone, but the pool was close to empty, and there were several lifeguards. Also, it was chilly in the pool. We had to get out because R was shivering and his lips were turning blue. The pool was 80 degrees, but the air temperature should be a little warmer in there.

Upcoming Events:
  • Swim lessons are ongoing. 
  • Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus- December 2nd 10:00 AM, breakfast buffet $7.00 per person.
  • Winter Break Camp December 21,22,26-29 Ages 6-12, 7:30 AM-6:00 PM, non-members $25/day. Includes lunch and two snacks. 
  • Only US Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed.
There are several fitness classes in the gym. There is even Stroll & Roll, which is walking time with a stroller around the track. Mon-Fri 10:00-12:-00. There are also arts and crafts classes, performing arts lessons, and private music instruction. Child watch is for 6 months-6 years, but the staff doesn't change diapers. Tween scene is for 7-12 years old, and the teen room is 13-17 years old.

Overall, we will be back. I did have some "room for improvement" ideas, but R and the boys had a great time. The staff was friendly, the place was super clean, and the pool was fun. R laughed and splashed, and wanted to go down that little slide again, and again... and again. He didn't want to leave, and took a nice long nap when we got home. I'll admit... I was ready for one too!

*** A reader just messaged me to tell me that they do Toddler Thursdays where they have lunch, gym play, a craft, and the pool for $10.00. This includes one parent and one child, after that it is $2.00 for each additional child. I'm bummed because I called a hundred times and asked the ladies at the front desk for info on kids programing, and they didn't tell me any of this! Thanks for the tip Nikole! Another reader just said that on Sundays there is a discount on the day pass. Heads up though, they don't open until one. Thanks Mandi!