The Pink Roller: New Location!

Yesterday we had an awesome meet up at the Pink Roller's new location inside Military Circle Mall. Although I went to the movies there in high school, I hadn't been past the movies in years, and many mamas that I talked to said the same, but the mall had a ton going on. There was a comicon going on, a vendor event, and holiday happenings. There is also now a play area in the food court and they even had a free bounce house set up. The mall has free Friday night fitness classes and free jazz performances too.
Since our last post on the Pink Roller, they have expanded into this space and added a ton of new stuff. The party room is huge and they use it for lots of things, in addition to their parties. There are now dance classes with ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.   There is yoga for ages 1-10. In the front there is a large open play area. They also added a Serenity Room where mamas can breastfeed or calm down kids who need a break for a few minutes. 

I love that there is a corner just for babies. I didn't think Ronnie would be able to do anything but sit in the stroller or the wrap, but there was several things he was able to do. RT spent the time running around, climbing, playing with trucks, riding on cars, and getting into everything else. They have an air hockey table and basketball hoop too.  We had a range of ages and all the kids were having fun! 
The Pink Roller is closed on Mondays, but other than that, open mall hours. Stop in and play!