She Works Hard for the Mommy V. 10

This week we have a special edition of S.W.H.F.T.M. Although Erin's kids are no longer a toddlers I wanted to be sure to have her on because she works with something that I think is so important for us mamas. Special thanks for Erin for being featured! If you're interested in doing a workshop-invite me! I'm one of those "put myself on the back burner" types.

Hello! I want to start by saying I love the title of this blog- She works hard for the Mommy! It is so creative and I think this lines up exactly with where I am now in my career. My name is Erin Glace and I am a Physical Therapist specializing in Pelvic Health. A bit about my personal life first. I married my high school sweetheart and we moved to Hampton Roads soon after, thinking we would be here for a short time and we are still here 30 years later. We have raised 3 kids ages 24, 22 and 18- 2 girls and a boy in the middle. All of my kids went through the Western Branch Schools, Go Bruins! My baby is now at JMU and we are empty nesters. Everyone asks how I feel about that and honestly it is with a mix of emotions but mostly pride in my kids and enjoying some time with the hubby. Empty nesting is also giving me the opportunity to pursue something I have talked about for many years- Mommy Care PT!
Mommy Care PT is my side hustle. I am teaching workshops for women about pre and postnatal care for themselves. I want women to learn ways to recover their pelvic, abdominal and core strength and control. It is my work passion. Throughout the years, I have worked with many women who had pelvic health issues like prolapse, urinary incontinence, pelvic and back pain, and C-section scar pain. It is interesting that we will rehab an injured knee but somehow expect a woman’s body to just “bounce back”. I know that we have been having babies forever, but we know more now and we can do better. My patients frequently ask me, “Erin, why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before?”. Sadly, I just don’t know. In the medical community, we know that certain pelvic floor issues are strongly associated with childbirth. Women are strong and we can continue to be strong and even stronger with some knowledge! Knowledge is power. Power to choose to be proactive in your own health care. I believe the subject of pelvic health is a bit taboo and as a society we are still somewhat embarrassed to discuss these important issues.
A workshop with Mommy Care PT includes information about how the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy, anatomy of the belly and pelvic floor, simple ways to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdomen before and after pregnancy, and ways to protect your pelvic floor muscles. These important muscles are critical to core strength, bladder and bowel control and sexual function and they can also contribute to pain in the pelvis, abdomen and low back. These are important muscles in my book. And a side note, Kegels  are important but these exercises are not the only thing and some women should not do Kegels!
I fully recognize the difficulty of being a mom balancing work, kids and family. Even with my “kids- now adults” away at school, it can still be a balancing act. Moms have a tendency to back burner our own health care and my hope is that as the conversation grows about maternal health, women will be empowered to take steps to prioritize their wellness. If my girls have babies in the future, I would love for proactive pelvic health care to be the norm.

I am partnering with some local businesses to provide these workshops but will also do them privately for groups of as few as 2 women. If you are interested in a workshop, please email me at and follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates and information – Mommy Care PT.