The Pump and Dump Show: A Review

The Virginia Beach Funny Bone was packed on Tuesday night with moms who needed a break. A break from feeding babies, changing diapers, hearing whining, and the hundred judgments we all get daily. The Pump and Dump show is a prewritten musical act that embodies the hardships of motherhood, but also reminds mothers to stand together and remind each other that we are awesome. Songs like "Eat Your Fuckin' Food" and "The Lies That We Tell Ourselves" will remain in your head for days, and have you giggling days later when in fact, they are right- you don't get anything done while the baby is asleep. We had a meet up of some blog reading mamas before heading over to the Funny Bone, and when they come back- you should too! We deserve a night off! When is the last time you were out on a school night with your girls?! Clearly we weren't the only ones who needed a laugh because the show was sold out- my first time ever being at the Funny Bone this crowded.
Several segments brought in audience participation which I liked. My favorite segment asked the audience to submit "the most fucked up things their kids have done recently" and in 2018 the group put the best of them together in their book Parentally Incorrect . Paperbacks are available for less than $4.00 on the link above.
The tour travels regularly, and they will be back in Virginia Beach on March 19th. The show lasts an hour and a half, and you'll be home by 10! Check it out when they return!