Holiday Happenings in Downtown Norfolk

Day one of winter break was spent in one of our favorite places- downtown Norfolk. You might not think that there is a lot to do for toddlers, but there is tons of free fun! Parking at the mall right now is free. RT could watch the Light Rail go by for hours but right now there is an actual train exhibit downtown in the Selden Marketplace until the 26th. Be sure on your walk to take the long way and take a view of the Wisconsin.
The model train exhibit is put on by the Atlantic Coast "S" Gaugers and is free and open to the public from 11-5. They are a not for profit club that has divisions all over the state. They encourage kids to press all the buttons, and there are a LOT! There is a donation cup if you are willing to help.
Heading back to MacArthur, if you can convince your kid (I couldn't) there is the Impulse exhibit which has sets of large light-up and music-playing seesaws. What was a hit for us though was Ilot De Chaleur, which lights up and will eventually play music the more you run around it. This was really fun. 
If you've got time, be sure to check out Dickens' ChristmasTowne also. Doing fun things with your kids doesn't have to cost a lot of money; sometimes it's just finding the things to do! Don't forget- we have a daily calendar of events on our page!