Ski Resorts Round Up

We love Hampton Roads, but one thing that it doesn't offer is ski slopes. We have to travel to get our runs in, so here's a rundown of the pros and cons of each ski resort nearby. 


Pros: Massanutten is only a 3.5 hour drive from Hampton Roads. Massanutten offers There are four green slopes and a learning area with a magic carpet. They have a huge indoor waterpark which is great for kids. They also have tubing for people 36 inches and up. They have escape rooms, an arcade, ice skating, virtual reality and more. Massanutten regularly has live music and events happening during the year. 

Cons: Massanutten is a smaller resort with only 3 blacks and no double blacks. Their group lessons only begin at age 7 and only last for 1.5 hours. They do offer private one hour lessons for all ages. 


Pros: Comparable to Massanutten is Wintergreen. About the same distance away, Wintergreen also offers snowtubing for 42 inches and up, recommended age 6 and up. Wintergreen offers private, group, and full day lessons for children. 

Cons: Wintergreen doesn't offer as many apre ski options as other resorts. Outside of skiing and tubing, there isn't much to do for kids. Lessons and children's programs fill up extremely quickly. 

Seven Springs: 

Pros: Perhaps the most family friendly of the options, Seven Springs offers tons of options for kids. Splash in the pool, play in the arcade, go bowling, swimming, or skating. Seven Springs has the movie scene type of lodge. Seven Springs is a large resort with 49 trails and 14 lifts. They offer private and small group lessons for ages 4 and older. Seven Springs also offers night skiing. We went to Seven Springs when I was a kid, and we always loved it.

Cons: Seven Springs has wide open spaces, but some of their runs are shorter. Seven Springs is the farthest away at about 6.5 hours. 


Pros: Snowshoe is an upper class resort that has some of the best and the longest runs on the East Coast. Snowshoe offers full day, partial day, small group, and private lessons. They also offer a preschool ski program. Snowshoe does have a small pool which is free to swim in if you book through Snowshoe. Snowshoe's sister mountain, Silver Creek, is right next door and offers both day and night skiing with the same lift pass. 

Cons: Snowshoe is the most expensive of all of these options. There is not much to do for young children outside of skiing, and most everything costs to do. Parking is paid and limited. 

Wherever you plan to go to get on the mountain, have a great time. Remember that everything takes five times longer with kids, and you likely wont get many runs in. But, if you set your expectations before you go, you'll have a blast!