Wintergreen Resort

Saying that my dad loved to ski is an understatement. He went every chance he could get, often spending long chunks of the winter in a ski cabin with our friends and family. I started at age 3 and then added in snowboarding at age 13. I have so many positive memories of bonding with him while sliding down a mountain or sipping hot chocolate after a day of skiing. He loved it so much he never wanted to stop for lunch; he carried nabs (Nabisco crackers) in his pocket to eat on the lift, and bathroom breaks were few and far between. We traveled to Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and more together chasing the perfect fresh powder. 

As soon as he learned I was pregnant, he started talking about taking his future grandchild skiing. Before his birth, this kid had a spot in ski school, and I was so excited for us to create new memories together. Pancreatic Cancer had other plans. Once my dad died, I didn't ski or snowboard for three years. I just couldn't face it. This year I finally got the nerve to go, and promptly cried for twenty minutes on the lift and at the top of the mountain. But this trip, I had my oldest with me, and I was focused on enjoying the day with him. 

At Wintergreen kids under 5 ski with the purchase of a $5.00 lift ticket card. While Ski School isn't in session right now due to Covid, private lessons still are. I'd always recommend everyone take one, even if you've been skiing or snowboarding for years. A note, the resort is at limited capacity, masks must be worn (and I was glad to see there were employees carefully watching), and lift lines are spaced out to every other line. Families ride together on the lift chairs. This did mean longer lift lines than normal. 
I can't say enough about the power of making memories. Honestly, it was the hardest day of skiing I've ever done. Between my friend Chelsea and I picking him up, lots of encouraging words from dad who was also learning, moving very, very slowly down the mountain, and taking many breaks, we only skied five runs. But he loved it and is already asking to go back... and I can't wait to take him. 
One tip, if you're visiting Wintergreen be sure to check out the Blue Toad Cidery. Not only do they have delicious ciders, but they offer a play area for kids. I always love supporting businesses who think of families with children!