Massanutten: Indoor Water Park

My kids had a blast at the indoor water park, which had a huge climbing and play area, a flow rider, a lazy river, some tube slides, a regular pool, hot tub, and a small children's area. I was really exited that our youngest tried out a slide, all on his own, without any prompting from me. He loved the little kid area with the sprayers and walking around under the play structure. Our oldest loved the play structure and the five slides that came from them. 

In the same building, overlooking the water park is Diamond Jim's arcade. The arcade has typical games and a ticket redemption. Tuesdays from 10-4 there is a $30 all you can play special. 

Some things to know before you go: 

  • The website states that the water is 84 degrees, but we were freezing. I'd bring swim shirts if we went again. 
  • You must bring your own towels. 
  • The water park opens at different times each day, so check online. People began lining up an hour before hand in order to claim a chair. After about an hour there were no chairs left. 
  • No food is allowed in the water park, so you want to eat early. The line for food was insanely long. 
  • You must book your passes in advance. The park sells out regularly. 
  • The park was at half capacity, due to Covid, but if what we had was half capacity, I'd worry about going at full capacity. Try to go on a weekday.