ODU Basketball

Y'all know my dad loved his sports. I grew up going to ODU basketball games. It's a joke in our family that my dad bought season tickets back at the field house before I was born, and my grandparents stole them from him. He then had to buy more. I've posted about ODU football here, and this weekend we took big R to a basketball game. The last basketball game I went to after finding out my dad was sick I sobbed mostly through. It was the School The Court, Norfolk Public Schools game, so it was a field trip for us, and my kids did an awesome job despite me being a wreck. So, shout out to them, and shout out to my mom for putting on a brave face for us to all go tonight.
We had tickets to the Big Blue Room, so we went before the game. Because ODU is a college, they don't allow the sales of alcohol in the regular stadium. You can only purchase it in the Big Blue Room  or the V.I.P room and you have to have special tickets for these. 
I talked in the post about the Tides post about how I don't actually watch the game. Pretty much the same thing here. The things that I enjoy doing are pretty much the same things that R likes to do. We walk around, look at the food, spin the wheel (check out the sponsor tables in the lobby), look at the fan store, watch the cheerleaders and dance team, try to catch a t-shirt (we did!!), look at the band, and watch Big Blue. R is afraid of mascots, so we didn't go down to meet him but watched from afar instead. 
The seats are a little close together, so there isn't a lot of leg room.  R sat with my Aunt Pat and we sat behind them. Even though the seats are close, unless the game is a sell out there are usually some empty seats, so you could spread out if you needed to. 

*There is usually a princess game, and a super hero game. The snow cancelled both, but be looking for them to reschedule! Sounds fun.

*Big Blue's Birthday is Feb 3rd. Kids are invited to come at 6:00 for free ice cream and cake, to meet all of Blue's friends, and sign his card. The mascots will all be walking around meeting kids during the game, and at half time they face off in their own basketball game. It's a really fun time to go. We will be there!

Things to know:
  • Parking is free. You can park in the garages on either side of the Ted. 
  • There are usually coupons on the back of your ticket. Check it before you throw it away. 
  • There are several food options in the stadium, including a veggie burger, yay! 
  • Under 3 is free as long as they sit on your lap.
  • There are some Sunday games which start earlier, so better for the little ones! 
  • Don't forget to do the Ice Cream and Cake! It's at the 2:00 mark and everyone dances. 
Just for fun, here was R's first game. It was the School the Court game last year, so ear phones were needed. Have you ever hear an arena of kids after you tell them the loudest school wins a pizza party? Yeah... loud.