Norfolk Tides Baseball

Both my husband and my father are huge baseball fans. Actually, huge may be an understatement. Baseball cards, bats, jerseys, "figurines" (aka toys), and magazines decorate every inch of our guest room. Our rehearsal dinner for our wedding was at Harbor Park. My dad can be found at Harbor Park, where our minor league team plays, most of the summer. The Tides are great at doing promotions for kids. Look out for kids' hat night, Star Wars night, even Princess night. I'll let you know. We went on Princess night this year, and I've never seen so many little girls in huge fluffy dresses. I might have cried a little..... 

Some things to be aware of:
01. If you know someone with unused season tickets, you can trade them in for FREE tickets any game of the year except the fourth of July.
02. Norfolk Public Schools partners with the Tides. Students complete a reading log in the spring that allows them to get free child tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket.
03. There is a bounce house located on the third base side, and a speed pitch game located on the first base side. Both are good for kids. There are also several clowns who paint faces and create balloon animals for only $1.
04. There is a restaurant and bar called "Hits at the Park" that has an all-you-can eat buffet. If you're looking for a feast, this might be the place for you. The adults can even get wine or beer for take out.
05. Check the website for all of the promotions. They have "Bark at the Park" twice a season where you can bring your pups, $.50 popcorn and drinks night (and hot dogs if you're into those.. R and I are not!), fireworks, Paw Patrol Night... the list is endless.
06. After the game, kids 12 and under can run the bases. They line up on the first base side and you meet them back on the third base side once they have crossed home plate. About once a month, they let the adults run too if you're feeling jealous, and on the pups night, even Fido can run the bases.
07. Subway is a partner of the Tides. Often, during the summer, they do a 4 for $20 deal where you can buy four Subway combos and you'll get four Tides tickets. You can't beat that.
08. Even if you don't love baseball (ME!) there are lots of things to enjoy around the field. The park overlooks the river and tugboats pass often. There are also train tracks near the field that can be seen. The music is good, the food is tasty, and Rip Tide, the mascot, participates in all kinds of shenanigans. If you get there early and your family is brave enough, ask about some of their on-field games for in-between innings. Some of these are especially for the kids.
09. If you live in Portsmouth, consider taking the Ferry over for the game. On game days, it stops at Harbor park too! The Tide also has a stop at Harbor Park. Parking for cars is $5.00, so it might save you some money and be a cool extra activity. If you find yourself at a Tides game, look for us. I have a feeling that between the two, my husband and dad will have us out at even more games next season.
P.S.... proof of us on the field as babies ourselves at our Rehearsal Dinner the night before we were married!
We are like... batting and pointing at the ball? I don't know...?