ODU Football With Our Mini Monarch

Last night we went to the Old Dominion University football game. ODU sports events are a family event for us. I attended them with my parents and grandparents as a child, and now Raleigh attends them with his. My aunts and uncles and close family friends also come, so it's a full on family affair. My favorite part, of course, is the tailgating!

Tailgating starts 4 hours before the game. We usually bring something to grill, sides, and drinks. If you go to a game, be sure to walk around and look at everything. The band and cheerleaders parade around the lawn, there are events happening outside of Webb Center, people throwing corn hole bags, Big Blue walking around, and all around fun times. We love running into people that we know everywhere.

Some things to know about ODU:

  1. Tickets are required for children over the age of three.
  2. There is a Big Blue's Kids Club for Monarch fans 13 and under. The cost is $20.00, but the first 100 people to register every year are FREE! Some of the benefits include a Big Blue beach towel, a Piggy Bank, a birthday card, a free game ticket, access to the fan tunnel and a meet and greet. Find out more info here.
  3. You can take in your stroller! OH MAN, I wish that I had known this last year! Guest services is located inside and will allow you to check your stroller. This is great because walks from the car can be long. It also means that if your little one gets fussy, you can pop them in the stroller and head for a walk.
  4. There are grassy patches inside where kids can run around to get a break from sitting in the stands. 
  5. ODU kids gear can be found both at the Dominion Bookstore and at Target as well as the bookstore. We have not seen a cute ODU toddler hat yet though. Whose gonna get on this?! 
  6. Be on the lookout for the dance cam where kids can show off their moves and win a free pizza! 
  7. Check either your ticket or the website before you go; it will tell you what color to wear. Fans either wear white, baby blue, navy, black, or my favorite- section specific times where they stripe the stadium. 
  8. THE MOST IMPORTANT! They shoot off a cannon when the team runs out both at the start of the game and at half time. I know it is coming and every time I still jump 10 feet. If your kiddo is noise sensitive, be aware! You may want to take them out until after it goes off. They also shoot fireworks off when the team runs out of the tunnel. 

See, Neil does exist, he is just normally the ones taking the pictures I guess? The season is just starting, so if you're headed to a game, let us know!