Top 8 Nature Trails in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads is full of beautiful places. We are lucky to have woods, beaches, lakes, and some great gardens. While this list certainly doesn't include everywhere, it does hit several of our favorite spots to get out and get some fresh air. 
01. Sandy Bottom Nature Park- Sandy Bottom has a ton of space to run around, boats to rent, a dog park, picnic shelters, a playground and more. This is an awesome place to get into nature and get some energy out, see some animals, and clear your head.
02. First Landing State Park- Although you have to pay for this park, we love it for the beach on site, the trails, playground, little museum, and all of the wildlife that they have. (Check here on how to get in free!)
03. Norfolk Pagoda- Although part of the Elizabeth River Trail, The Pagoda doesn't stick out as a nature trail. I included it because we love walking around it and looking at the ponds and the beautiful garden. Watch the fish pop out of the water.
04. The Chesapeake Arboretum- A little over three miles of trails through these old trees will have you forgetting that it's in the city of Chesapeake.
05. Lake Lawson- Grab the bug spray if you're going on a summer evening and walk these trails with the view of the lake. Take some pictures on the bridges and then play on the playground.
06. Oak Grove Park- Head around these trails and stop on the docks to search for fish or  head to the playground to run around.
07. The Brock Center-  We love that the Brock Center has both sandy trails and shady woods.
08. Botanical Gardens- No nature list would be complete without the gem that is the Botanical Gardens. We have done several posts on gardens including the butterfly garden, the sand pit, bike nights, and the little houses. There are so many little spots in here that we love.