Little Houses: Botanical Gardens Favorite Places

If you've missed the first few of this series, we have been going into detail about some of our favorite places inside of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I was so surprised to hear from people who had been there before that they didn't know about the Airplane Overlook or the Bike Nights. We have also talked so far about the Butterfly House and the Sand Pit, and today I'm focusing on the little houses and tree area inside of the WOW garden. 

Everyone loves the WOW garden in the summertime for the splash pad, But there is lots to do in the cooler months too. This house has a little kitchen play area in it. The boys treated us to "leaf soup"- ahh, plant powered protein? The second house is a little library, full of books on all kinds of things. We even found one of our favorites- Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. 
The third house is a tree house. It's got either a ramp or a net to get to the top and a slide to get down. Obviously climbing with a truck makes things more difficult, but trucks are life, so.... 

I know that I always say that we love the Botanical Gardens, and I hope that if you go, you'll check out all of these awesome places while you're there!