Botanical Gardens Favorite Places: Baker Overlook

I continue to talk about how much we love Norfolk Botanical Gardens. So much so that there is a series on this blog about some of our favorite places within the garden. I'm excited today to share Baker Overlook, which I think often gets swept under the rug because of the other awesome things at the gardens.
Baker Overlook can be easily accessed from either of the two parking lots at the gardens. We love it particularly if parking in the front parking lot as a pit stop on the way to the Children's Garden. (A heads up, the Children's garden splash pad is closed right now.)  The Overlook is a two-tier deck and gazebo. On the first tier is a set of cushioned bench swings. Up on the second tier is a fun to climb old, knotty oak tree which provides shade to the structure. We call this the "tree house". Looking out below, you can look down on the waterway, walkways, and plant life all around the tree.
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