7 meals under $90 with Lidl

I love a challenge, and when Lidl offered me the challenge of cooking 7 dinners with only $100, I jumped at the chance. The challenge included purchasing all necessary items at one time and the food had to feed four people. I chose to feed my family of 3, including me, my husband, my two year old son, and my mother, who lives very close and takes care of my son during the day. Of the four of us, two are vegetarians, one is a solid meat-eater, and Bubbie will go either way. Bubs won't eat any seafood. 

First step was to closely examine the weekly sales magazine. Lidl makes it easy because this magazine is always available in the store a week early. (Look at the rack on your way out of the store when you shop.) This gave me an entire week to search through my recipes and find the ones that would best fit my requirements and Lidl's sales. Also, be on the lookout, there is often a coupon on the front. The week we went there was a $10.00 off $100.00, but we didn't spend enough to use it! We went back and got dessert, and still only spent $88.00. (Including the drink and snack R got to pick out for his store snack.) Another tip- download the Lidl app which has digital coupons. 

The afternoons are a whirlwind for me. By the time I pick up R, get home, and feed the dogs, it's time for us to eat too. I looked for recipes that were quick and easy. Although I was focused on vegetarian dinners, I left enough in the budget to include meats and desserts. Be sure to bring your own bags, and grab a cart for your toddler. 

Here's the schedule:

  • Mexican Lasagna (see recipe) 
  • Bagged Salad (Caesar salad is on sale. NOTE: The dressing included with this kit has anchovies in it. If you are a Vegetarian, you may want to purchase a different salad dressing. We did include this in the shopping list.)
  • Chips and Salsa
  • optional meat - 1/2 bag meatballs on the side
  • Frittata (see recipe) 
  • Frozen potatoes (We used hash browns but any potatoes will work.)
  • Steamed Asparagus
  • Dessert - Donut
  • Fried Rice with tofu
  • Spring rolls
  • egg rolls (with meat)
  • optional - 1/2 bag chicken wyngz on the side
  • Dessert - cookies
  • Pasta Primavera (see recipe)
  • Naan bread Toasted with oil and shredded cheese - on sale for .75
  • Caesar Salad Kit
  • optional - 1/2 bag meatballs on the side
  • Dessert - cookies

I'll be posting the recipes all this week, so keep checking back! This has been a fun and tasty challenge.