Lidl Dinner: Veggie Lasagna

There are some nights where I stand at the door waiting for Neil to walk in, so I can walk out. I've been trying really hard with Fit4mom or Zumba, but that often means that I am even more rushed in the evenings. This is the perfect meal for that. No recipe here, because it's that easy. I wanted to have at least one meal for the "zero time" night that we all seem to have in our lives. For us, that's Thursday nights. Both of these things can be cooked in the microwave if need be and need NO work. 

The veggie lasagna was on sale for $2.69. I used the Lidl app to get the coupon. If you don't have it downloaded yet, check it out. It's free and has a variety of coupons. The Brussels sprouts were only a dollar. The salad was also on sale on the app for only $.99. (Which, you really can't beat!)  It comes with dressing, cheese, and croutons. This meal for four people was less than five dollars and super easy to make. 
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This is part of my seven days of dinners with Lidl. We spent under $90.00 for seven meals for a family of four. All meals are toddler and mom approved, and we even bought several desserts! Click here for the rest of the list.