OK to Wake

c/o The Wonder Family 
I'm an early bird, and R has followed suit. He seemed to be getting up earlier and earlier, so I looked into this "alarm clock." It's actually the opposite, it tells you when to go back to sleep! You may remember it from our wish list here. I was given the product to review, but we were planning on purchasing it for R's birthday. A gift for him and for us!

If your child sleeps with a nightlight, it's got that. It's a soft yellow glow. When it is okay for them to get up, it turns green. We don't use the nightlight, so R just knows to wait for the green. If you're still doing late night diaper changes, you can tap the foot for a soft light too. It has a nap feature, which we haven't used yet but will once we transfer to a big boy bed. It also has a snooze button. Once he is older, it can be switched to a regular alarm clock. It uses a  USB cord but does have a battery backup. It also comes with changeable face plates. R loves the little faces that it makes when you push the buttons. We actually keep it on his changing table to make diaper changes easier because it distracts him. We call ours "little buddy".

My biggest concern was that the green light would wake him up if he was sleeping already, but he has slept through it with no problems. If you check Amazon you'll see the rave reviews and almost cult like following. Some people even call it magic or voodoo.