Toddler Tuesday: Amazon Wishlist Roundup Edition

R's list 
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Consider this "online window shopping" while bored on the snow days. Anyone else do this? For you know, when I win the lottery and become a millionaire?

Here's R's list, links above:
1. Alkaline Trio patch for big R's jacket. 
2. Vans slip ons, easy, cute, comfy. 
3. This tape is awesome. It makes anything into a road or train tracks. Perfect for the little kid who loves trucks. 
4. I just love it. 
5. Magnetic shapes to build and create with. 
6. I'd like this to keep toys organized in the bathtub. 
7. For when R gets a little older and needs to know when it is okay to wake.

Okay, okay... and I'll post mine too. Lol. Because, why not? Who isn't dreaming of a way to give their puppies treats during the day? 

1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Our bathroom is zebra print and we used to have this lava lamp in there. R grabbed it andddddd, we no longer have one. 
2. I just love these!
3. Magnified and with a light. 
4. Nyx doesn't test on animals and they are cheap. 
5. Okay, this isn't realistic, but this would be so awesome. 
6. I literally hate dealing with shower curtains and liners and what not. This one is said to resist mold and mildew. 
7. I'd love to not clean up dog hair constantly!

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