T.A.T- Holiday Edition

It's that time again! I've already started to see the "what should I get my toddler for the holidays?! posts. Calm down mamas! These years are the easy years. It's when they get older that it is harder. We celebrate Hanukkah, but do Christmas with Neil's family, so we get the best of both worlds. 

Did you know the average kid has 200 toys, but plays with 12? My friend Nancy has always asked for experiences rather than gifts for her son. Once we had R we took this idea and ran with it. For Hanukkah one year we got a Botanical Gardens pass. For his birthday we got a zoo pass.  Read about those here and here. Below is a list of some local ideas for experience gifts:

  • Aquarium membership/day passes (Va Beach or OBX)
  • Zoo membership/day passes
  • Day passes to the city pool
  • Day pass to the Kroc Center (see post here)
  • Day passes to FunVille 
  • Giftcard for ice cream at Doumars 
  • Giftcard for lunch or milkshakes at a place with a playground (chick-fil-a is a possibility although they don't have much for the non-meat eater) 
  • Date to Sugar Shack (post here!)
  • A day at Cloud 9
  • Tickets to a puppet show or play 
  • Movie tickets 
  • Pottery painting at one of our local studios
  • Batting cage day
  • all of the supplies for a craft project 
  • Bowling gift card
  • Skating rink tickets 
  • Highlights magazine subscription
  • Tickets to an ODU game or Tides game 
  • A day at the Children's Museum 
  • ingredients and a recipe to bake something
Also, if you have a fourth grader- you should be signing up for the free park pass here

We have always liked the experiences idea too. For our honeymoon we registered for Honeyfund because we already lived together and had several "things." We loved it, and we have some great memories from that trip. 
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I've also heard of the four rule. One thing they want, need, wear, and read. This is one thing people use to downsize their holiday haul. I've also heard of doing a stocking of "stuff" to mix some items in. I like this idea too! Even Jewish girls like a good stocking! haha.

Some stocking ideas for toddlers:
  • Blocks
  • Bubbles
  • Socks
  • Chalk
  • Toothbrush/ tooth paste
  • Hats and mittens
  • Matchbox cars, wind up cars
  • Apple sauce pouches 
  • Finger paints
  • Small balls
  • Stickers
  • Hair accessories 
  • Small books
  • Glow sticks
  • Sippy cups
  • Snack cups
  • Utensils (I want these so much!)
  • Favorite snacks 
If you're like me, you will still have friends and family who want to give a gift. We are so lucky to have them in our lives! Thanks y'all! This year in addition for experiences, we have asked for a good set of old fashioned wood blocks and a one of the mini trampolines with a handle. I figure that it will help get some energy out! What are your ideas for the holiday? Lots of gifts? The rule of four? How do you celebrate?

Don't forget! Almost time for the drawing of our Charles Dickens' Christmas Towne tickets. Head over to the Toddlin Around Tidewater Facebook page to enter! 

p.s. This is their tree this year. It's Alice and Wonderland themed. How cool. Anyone else do themed trees?