VA Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is one of the best deals in Tidewater. In addition to all the animal exhibits, what most people don't know about the zoo is that they host all kinds of social events too. The zoo recently hosted their Breakfast with the animals, and they are about to have Zoo Grooves, which is a series of concerts. They also have Zoovies, which are outdoor movies. When I was a kid, I went to Zoo camp and loved it, so I'm excited for R to enjoy that when he gets a little older. For now we have enjoyed several warm summer days walking through the zoo.
What's also great about the Virginia Zoo is that they have two water areas. The first one is at the zoo entrance where big kids usually can be seen running around from fountain to fountain getting soaked. The second, and lesser known one, is in Asia, near the tigers and otters. R likes these the best because they are perfectly sized for him. There is also a bathroom and changing station right by this area.

The zoo also does Zootales and Garden tales, which are for kids. They bring out an animal or talk about different types of plants. When we went, R and his cousins made "people" out of different vegetables that either grow on top of the soil or under it.

Some tips for the zoo:
01. They have a huge playground outside of the zoo which is great for picnics and playing.
02. Check for groupons for discounted tickets.
03. Be on the lookout for Free Zoo Day, where admission is F R E E !
04. If you have a membership to the Children's Museum or the Aquarium, be on the lookout for reciprocity months where you can use your membership at the zoo. Our zoo membership has easily paid for itself. If you are going to go even for a handful of events, it's worth it to get the membership!
05. Check what other places your membership gets you into. The North Carolina aquarium is one that has reciprocity with the zoo. The Association of Science and Technology Centers have 50% reciprocity.