Mission: Laser 757

 Opening this weekend, Mission Laser is the new hangout for kids in Hampton Roads. While you wait to play, there are arcade games and the crew will entertain the kids. Then you'll head into the first zone where you'll be briefed on your mission and how to use the laser guns. You'll then load into your vests and get ready to play. They do offer lightweight vests for littles that don't have the sensors on them. They can still carry a gun to play with. The game lasts about 20 minutes. Inside you can aim for the other players or targets around the room. There are several surprises around the arena, including a Legends of the Hidden Temple type head, whose eyes glow when the target is shot. 

Birthday party options are available. They include two games of laser tag and time in the party room. They even offer school fundraising nights as well as field trips. 
The building was clean, the staff was friendly, and we had a blast. This weekend they have an introductory sale of only $6 per game.