Historic Greenbrier Farms

I have passed Greenbrier farms several times, but we had never been until recently. I wish I hadn't waited so long. The farm is open to the public and has barnyard animals, a huge garden center, a tire swing, greenhouses, a farm stand, fishing hole, a kids' play area with sand to dig, bounce houses, and a jungle gym. Also located on the property are u-pick strawberry fields, peach trees, pumpkins, tulips, and sunflowers. 

Strawberry picking is $16 for 5 pounds or $8 for a quart. Check Facebook before you go to make sure fields are open. Although we didn't pick them here, we did buy a strawberry plant to bring back home. 

Although we didn't take advantage of them on this trip, their signs state that there are trails for walking, bike riding, and horseback riding. Bring a dollar to buy carrots and feed the rabbits or grab some fruit from the store to eat as a snack between playing. Ice cream was for sale during our trip, and it looks like it is available regularly. Best of all... even my "too cool to smile in a picture" babe was caught with a big grin!