She Works Hard For the Mommy: Royals Advertising

Hi! I’m Sophia Royals, CEO of Royals Advertising. I came to the United States six years ago - met a handsome guy in uniform, fell in love and married a year later. Now I am the mother of three amazing and energetic kids aged 5, 3 and 7 months. My husband and kids are my top priority keeping me very busy and definitely entertained! We love exploring our local area, playing at the park and visiting the zoo - any zoo! My kids are crazy about animals. One of my favorite times with the family is relaxing on Friday nights watching movies while munching on popcorn and m&ms. It’s an ordinary life with extraordinary people who are my best buddies.

Graduating with an MBA in 2018 was an incredible feat balancing study with a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby in toe. I smile as I wonder how I got through everything while trying to keep the family happy and everything in relatively good shape. My last semester at university finally arrived and the exams began. They were indeed memorable as they were the first exams in all my years of study that I was given an exemption to stop the clock to nurse my baby! I know my mother has fond memories of looking after the children while I sweated it out in the examination room at ODU.

My children have taught me how to be flexible and adapt to changing situations by managing my time well and upskilling in areas needing improvement - such as patience, order and keeping my priorities in check.  Thanks to them and to my encouraging husband I graduated top of my marketing MBA class. However, the best part about finishing my Masters was receiving this Hungry Caterpillar balloon from my husband and kids.

Although being a Navy wife is an honor it comes with certain pressures especially when my husband is on deployment. This was one of the reasons I decided to start my own business in 2018. Being the CEO afforded me a better work/life balance allowing more time with my kids and husband. No way did I want to miss out on hearing their funny one - liners and helping them through their ups and downs which means so much to them at such a young age. I also couldn’t do without their tight cuddles which sometimes I think I need more than them! 

Like many others who have started out on their own I advertised my business mainly through social media. I designed my own website, updated LinkedIn, made regular posts on Instagram and booted up my old Facebook page. I designed and printed professional business cards keeping them handy to pass out to anyone who remotely looked like a prospective client! I soon realized there are many businesses, shops, cafes, libraries and so on that are happy to promote local talent by keeping business cards on their counters or pinboards. I soon learned that communication is key for connecting and networking. 

My husband, James is a terrific communicator reaching out to people all the time, even strangers. James struck up a conversation with Keith from K.M. Cash Remodeling while he was giving us a quote on the attic. By the time Keith had given us the quote James had given him my business card. The next day Keith became my first client. What a husband and what a great first client!

My business has gone from strength to strength. I now have a team across the United States and Australia designing logos, creating websites, improving search engine ranking, and doing all things marketing and advertising for small to medium businesses around the world. It is exciting work and so fulfilling.

I am a wife and mother first, then a CEO. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the balance right and feel overwhelmed at times. I often remember the old but encouraging saying, “If you want something done and done properly - ask a busy person”. Well that’s me! 

At times I feel torn between family and work and get so engaged in the job that I want to stay working on it. On the other hand, I want to spend time with my husband and kids. My work drives me. It empowers me to become creative and gives me a greater sense of self-worth. Not that being a parent doesn’t - it’s just different. Work gives me an outlet and keeps me intellectually stimulated by increasing my professional prestige. 

After a successful day working I have a replenished reservoir of esteem that profoundly affects how I interact with my husband and children - it motivates and energizes me and I feel I am a better mother and wife because of it.

But how do I get the balance right? The answer for me is learning on the job. Each day is different with different demands whether it be doctor appointments, cranky kids, school, messy house or piles of laundry. I have to prioritize by working out what is urgent and what is not.  

Order is key. I need a timetable, albeit a flexible one. I also make sure everyone is helping out - even the toddlers. It’s amazing what little kids can do around the house from unstaking the dishwashing to loading clothes in the washing machine and tidying their rooms - every bit helps. Having someone in to clean the house when necessary takes the weight off my shoulders and gives me a psychological edge knowing the house will be cleaned at some stage. 

Dinnertime is a wonderful time to come together as a family and share stories about our day. Phones are turned off and conversation begins. Dinnertime provides numerous opportunities to find out what the children are thinking, what they learned at school and correct manners if necessary. It encourages children to learn to listen with interest even if they don’t want to and to be respectful and patient with other members of the family. 

Life is not perfect and there are days when all goes pear shaped. It can sometimes  catch me off guard and I become stressed and frustrated. However, I am learning to embrace those days, go with the flow and pick up the pieces later. Nothing in life is a failure - it’s a lesson. In fact, if there are times I do feel like I have failed I know the experience plants the seed for success further down the road. 

I am a high achiever and my mantra when I was a kid was, “I’ll give it a go”! This is exactly what I am doing right now giving it a go by loving my husband and kids and thriving on their reciprocal love and support. Hopefully, the example I set for my family will urge each one on to achieve their dreams and never say never. 

Royals Advertising is here for small to medium businesses. We are dedicated to helping them grow using a variety of channels that are targeted to their product or service. It’s a customized marketing approach and we continue to reap the benefits by having such satisfied customers. To learn more about us visit or check out our latest posts on social media - Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn