Polkadot Play

Exciting news! Hampton Roads has a new play gym! Polkadot Play, located on Diamond Springs Road in Virginia Beach, just opened their doors. A Neurodiversity positive space, open to all types of children, Polkadot Play is the brainchild and long time dream of a partnership between a military mama of three, whose children have disabilities, and a physical therapist who works with children with disabilities. When talking to them about opening this facility, tears were flowing about how real of a dream this was. The gym is part open gym, part private physical therapy, and eventually part classes. 

Although the gym is a small space, they use every inch wisely. Magnetic boards, chalk boards, climbing walls, swings, ropes, tunnels, hiding nooks, a zip line, and a slide are all cleverly packed into one space. 

Due to Covid restrictions, bookings are done in two hour increments with cleaning in between each one. Soon, they will open up their classes and birthday party options. Gym hours are Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-7:00 and Saturday and Sunday 12:00-7:00. Sign up for time slots here.

I always welcome opportunities for children to have playtime. We have some awesome spaces in Hampton Roads that cater to kids, but I know that in the past few years several places have closed too. I'm thrilled to see more opening up!