A Beautiful Planet: Virginia Air and Space Science Center Imax

The Virginia Air and Space Science Center (used to be the Air and Space Museum if you missed the name change!) has a new Imax movie, A Beautiful Planet. See views of Earth from the International Space Station on the largest screen in Hampton Roads. My oldest was studying a little about the Space Station in school, so we loved making the connection and seeing how they recycle water and are even starting to grow their own food. Our favorite part was seeing the different cities of Earth lit up at night, a reminder to be mindful of both the electrical power we use, and the humanity's power to protect the planet. 

A Beautiful Planet is showing Wednesday-Saturday, 10, 12, and 2 and Sundays at 12 and 2. Times are subject to change without notice. We love that at the Virginia Air and Space Science Center Imax movies are always included with admission!