10 Mom Tips for Cleaning Floors and More!

Kids are messy. Chocolate milk, spit up, crayons, paint, waffles, syrup, it all ends up on our floors. That doesn't even take into account the wear and tear from all of the fire trucks, Barbie mini vans, or the dogs running around. Mess gives me anxiety, so I'm constantly battling to try and keep it clean.

I spoke with Lee Anne at Caliber Flooring Inc., who gave me all the cleaning facts...and I learned a ton. 


1. Carpets can be stain resistant.

Most luxury carpet now comes with a 15 year warranty and is stain resistant. That’s perfect for the growing family. Here's to hoping that by the time they are 15 they wont be spilling anymore.

2. Avoid Spray Cleaner on Carpet

Unless it is urine, you shouldn't actually be using a spray cleaner on the carpet. A white rag and warm water will do the trick. Also, it is important to have your carpets cleaned, but they say to only do it once a year, and to hold on to your receipts. More than that can void your warranty. 

3. Avoid the High Powered Vacuum Cleaner

This is the shocker - Caliber Flooring guidelines say we should not be using a high powered vacuum on our carpet. A tough beater bar on a vacuum is an absolute no go! The beater bar can pull on the fibers and cause excessive frizz or unraveling. She says to vacuum more often, rather than using a more high powered vacuum. This is particularly important if you have allergies.


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4. LVP = little to no work!

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) is so popular right now. It's waterproof, low maintenance and highly durable. A protective coating, also known as the wear layer, offers added protection to stand up against kids toys, the dog running around, and just the everyday wear and tear. Seems like this is the product us parents should be installing in our homes. 

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5. Avoid the Steam Mop

While there isn't much care, Lee Anne did tell me that the protective coating on the floor can wear off. Be sure to get a thick one, and never, ever use a steam mop. I was shocked, as I thought steam mops were *the* trend last fall. Lee Anne says never use one because the heat from the steamers can delaminate the floors and remove the top protective layer. When that’s gone, vinyl has no protection and the quality deteriorates. Instead, stick to the faithful microfiber mops.

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6. Warm Water and a Rag - That's it.

Hardwood needs to be swept and spot cleaned with warm water and a rag. Again, never a steam mop. Just like vinyl plank, a simple microfiber type mop works well for the high traffic areas that need a little more attention. Just make sure to wring out the excess water so that the mop is damp.

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7. Grout has to be resealed annually

If you don't want to deal with this, Caliber can install an additive that will last way longer and help with spots. 

8. Avoid Bleach and Baking Soda

Yep, turns out the experts at Caliber Flooring, Inc recommend using a neutral ph cleaner that can be found on the shelves at just about any grocery or home improvement store. The key is to stay away from any acidic, waxy, oil based, or abrasive cleaners. 

9. Grays are on the out, naturals are back in!

Although I love my gray, deep browns as well as accent tiles with bright colors and patterns are trending. People are looking for natural, simple, comfortable, and functional. 

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10. DIY it

If you're looking to do it yourself, floating floors are the easiest to install, but Lee Anne says to remember to leave a quarter of an inch expansion gap around the edges. She also reminded me that while the floor itself is waterproof, the subfloor that you have underneath isn't. The last tip she gave me was to ensure that the subfloor is a hundred percent flat before starting. 

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