Rudee Tours: Whale Watching

In all the years that I've lived in Hampton Roads, it wasn't until my 4 year old's class became obsessed with whales that I learned they migrate right by us. During these cold winter months, baby humpback whales are just about two miles off  the shore. We bundled up and met up with some other families (if you're not in our Facebook group- you're missing these meet ups!) to try and find some whales. 

Right now the boat is at half capacity, holding 49 people. There are two decks and an indoor heated area. Inside there is a full bar with all kinds of snacks and hot drinks and merchandise for sale. 

After about 30 minutes we spotted our whale, and the adults on board were just as excited as the kids. We followed that whale around for about an hour while the naturalist on board gave lots of information. Also on board were volunteers who taught the kids about whale bones and showed them pictures and models. 

One thing that I had NO idea about... whale breath. When those whales blow water out of their blow hole, some hot air comes out too... and it STINKS. When the whale came close to the ship you could smell it. That's a memory I won't forget, ever. 

Getting up super early on a Saturday morning isn't my favorite thing, but seeing how happy the kids were was so, so worth it. Rudee Tours is a local business, and they work with our Navy bases to collect data that helps protect whales. 

The tours run every day but Tuesday, on the hour starting at 9. Guests board 30 minutes prior to the ship leaving. There are two bathrooms on the ship. Kids 3 and under are free, but they do need a ticket. We do have a discount code on our page, so be sure to check that out! Bundle up, get out there, and take advantage of all of the awesome things that we have here in Hampton Roads!