Barry Art Museum

Most people don't think of an art museum as a place for kids, particularly one that features so many glass sculptures, but we found ourselves at the Barry Art Museum for the first time last Sunday and I wanted to share! Art isn't my specialty, and because of that I try to take the kids to an art museum at least once a year. I think that it is important to show them the benefit of getting out of our comfort zones. I also think that museums are somehow seen as these adult things that kids shouldn't go into, and I think that's totally wrong. So with one strapped on dad's back and the other holding my hand, we headed to the Barry Art Museum. 

Built from the collection of Carolyn (who taught math at ODU) and Richard (whose father taught math at ODU and who served on the board there) Barry, the Old Dominion University art museum focuses on being a center for glass art as well as outreach, education, and research. Located on the Southern side of campus, the museum has free admission and free parking. The museum has lots of class, but upstairs it also has a historical doll exhibit. In February a orchid exhibit is coming. 

Whenever visiting museums, I try to let the kids do the talking by asking them what they see, what it makes them think of, or what colors stand out to them. They will surprise you with how they interpret things!