8 Nights of Hanukkah

In an effort to have full disclosure, I have to admit that I almost didn't run a Hanukkah giveaway this year. Last year when I did, it resulted in an Anti-semetic group of men who harassed me for months. They threatened my family, made fake profiles of me, and called me constantly. But when talking to Papa Johns of Hampton Roads, who ran it with me last year, we decided that it was all the more reason to run it. Telling this story to some of the other businesses in our Locals Helping Locals group, others decided that they wanted to join in for this reason also. Particularly this year, when things seem extra dark, bringing some extra light into our Hanukkah season is so important. A HUGE thank you to Papa Johns Pizza of Hampton Roads, Coastal Edge, Bounce House of Williamsburg, Katie's Kickers, Game On Gaming Center, and Hunt Club Farm for not just partnering with me, but for taking a stand against hate and ignorance. All the more reason to support these wonderful businesses! Want to enter? Check our socials each day for how!