Galactic Gathering: A Selfie Space Oddity

We ventured out to Town Center today to check out the new Galactic Gathering exhibit. Like previous exhibits at Town Center, the experience is free and spread throughout the area. Unlike previous ones this one doesn't have a "starting point" with a gathering area near the fountain. This time you can get the map by downloading the free Turf Wars app and you can compete against others to find and take selfies with all of the statues. 

Included in the list are a range of space movies including Star Wars, Star Trek, Wall-E, ET, Transformers, and what I think was Alien vs. Predator. Most people out and about were wearing masks, and it wasn't uncomfortably crowded. 
We stopped into a few of the stores and noticed that they were getting into the spirit too! I love, but don't need, everything at Paper Source!