Voyage To The Deep

The fantasy world of Captain Nemo's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea has come to Nauticus in the Voyage to the Deep exhibit. Climb into the Escape Hatch and slide down or climb into a bunk for a rest.  Crank the motor or move switches to turn on essential functions before you climb up into the tower for a better view. Steer the ship... it's harder than it seems. Everywhere you look there are things to climb, touch, or explore. Open the drawers and see what you can find! 
Around  the perimeter of the exhibit Nauticus staff has set up stations for kids to see, including an underwater robot to steer and an inside look at the "toothbrushes" that clean the Battleship Wisconsin. Due to strict, constant cleaning protocols, the museum had to close most of the rest of the museum, but the bridge remains open and we had views of dredge ships passing by while the boys pretended to drive the ship and press all.the.buttons. 
A maximum of 50 guests are allowed in the exhibit at a time and masks are required. The recommended time is about 45 minutes. Tickets are $10.00 a person or $15.00 for a combo ticket to include the Battleship Wisconsin. Be sure to book your time slot in advance!