Military Aviation Museum

Located in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach, the Military Aviation Museum is one of the largest private collections of WWI and WWII era planes in the world. Three of the museum's large hangers are open right now along with the main building. Inside each hanger you'll find a maze of airplanes to wander through and under along with some very rare finds. We found this car which actually goes in the water. It's one of only 4,000 ever built and goes up to 8 miles per hour in water.
Around the museum are lots of volunteers who you can tell love the history of aviation. At 1:00 daily a volunteer does a flight demonstration on the runway right behind the main building.
The museum does have some flight simulators and a kid's play area, but both are closed right now. Also not happening are their regular story times and home school days, which will hopefully resume again soon. Also, checkout this phone booth. RT had no idea what it was!

While you're there don't miss the free Jerrassic Park at the entrance!