Kroger: Home Chef

Kroger has teamed up with Home Chef to create new delivery meals. This is awesome, because since Covid, I have tried to stay out of the store and now I'm realizing that I don't miss carrying two kids in with me. I was lucky enough to snag two meals to review for our family. The meals came in a recyclable box with recyclable packaging. The box held ice packs which I kept to reuse later.
The ingredients are all pre-portioned and come with color, detailed directions. I picked the Vegetarian meals, but they have a way to add a meat protein which is great because Neil eats meat. Each meal can be chosen for 2,4, or 6 people.
The first night we ate Cashew Tofu which was delicious, and I totally want to do this one again. One of the things that I like about Home Chef is that they include ingredients that you might not have at home. For me, that's ginger. Whenever I buy it, I can't seem to use it up before it goes bad. Having just enough for a recipe prevents that from happening.

The second meal was Mushroom and Spinach Flautas. Easy to follow, and the chipotle took the dish up a notch.
Some things you can't tell from the pictures:

  • Three adults ate the meal from the first night, so the portions were big. 
  • I thought I'd be bummed about not having rice the second night but we were both stuffed. There was another whole portion of the filling and the steak that we saved for the next day. 
  • I added onions to both meals. I just love onions on everything. It was great. 
  • These can be bought in store in addition to having them delivered.
In the store, there are a good variety of choices. You can choose meals that are already "put together" and all you do is warm them up or you can choose meals that you can cook. I prefer these because I love to cook and I can save the recipes and use them again if they are a hit with the family.
You also have a choice of meals for one person or for a family.

At first glance, these meals might look expensive. I saw meals ranging from 7.99 to 30.00. There are many different companies offering these types of meals, and when you compare them, you will find that these are a bargain. And they are right there in the store. In our store, they were in a case near the Deli. Now when those babies ask "what's for dinner?" you can have an exciting answer for them!