Prost Mijos: Jon Snodgrass

You may not know the name Jon Snodgrass, but you should. The musician has worked with the Descendents, Frank Tunner, Chuck Ragan, Mike Herrera and so many more people. Like many musicians stuck at home right now, Jon has recorded some new music, and this time it's written for kids. When Jon's friend Casey suggested a kid's record to lift everyone's spirits, Jon learned that it would lift his too. He already had a ton of ideas for kids' songs, including titles like "Failure to Lunch", "Jumpy, Jumpy Whee & Woo" (which despite what came to my mind immediately isn't about the pelvic floor problems that mamas have after pregnancy), and "Mama Tired". These songs were inspired by a hate of all foods that are green and only saying things that are "true, of use, and kind." Appropriate for Covid are "Clean Hands & Feet Too" and "Mama Tired." Let me tell you, during this shut down, this mama is both tired... and tired of the hundreds of "Mama Tired" tank tops from fake stores are popping up on my Facebook.
The record streams free everywhere, and can be downloaded here. Check the songs out. Pop them on when you're driving around and get a break from baby shark! Check out the album below. Thanks for talking to us Jon!!