Quarantine Mother's Day

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This Mother's Day is a bit weird. No going out to brunch, no lunches at the in-law's house, no spa days or anything of the sort. So, this year we are bringing Mother's Day home. With a mix of whimsical and practical, these items will help mamas stay relaxed and happy while juggling the kids at home.

1- I loveeeee this Hamsa hand jewelry holder for next to the bed. I have a necklace passed down from my great-grandma that I can see resting in this holder..
2- When looking up the jewelry holders, I wasn't able to pick just one. I love how simple and cute this one is too.
3- Help fight wrinkles, dark spots, and sun damage with this vitamin C serum
4- A mama bear sticker for your car or computer with a little extra pop of red.
5- These are magnetic wraps for your mailbox. They come in a ton of styles, but I think it's such a cute way to add some pizzaz.
6- My mom has a hummingbird feeder like this and we love watching them come and snack. It's so easy to refill too. Just mix 1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water and boil for 3 minutes. Easy!
7- If we can't go to a spa, bring the spa home with this foot treatment.
8- I love this hat. I was gifted one a while back and I wear it all the time.