Elizabeth River Ferry

During social distancing, we continue to look for ways to find adventures while staying away from people. This week we took a ride on the Elizabeth River Ferry with our closed loop family!
Over the past year there has been lots of work on the Elizabeth River ferry docks to rebuild them and they look great! The governing board of Hampton Roads Transit agreed to stop collecting fares until June 10th in order to limit the amount of contact by customers.
The ferry ride takes about 30 minutes. It leaves from three different places, High Street and North Landing in Portsmouth, and Waterside in Norfolk. (In normal times it runs to Harbor Park on game nights also.) The ferry begins running at 5:30 am and runs until 9:00 pm currently. Check the schedule here.
Some of y'all might be freaking out that we are not taking social distancing seriously. Our closed loop means that everyone in the loop is taking responsibility and distancing themselves. It also requires a lot of trust in one another. Also, we went during the day to avoid people going to/from work. On the way to Portsmouth we were joined by only one person who sat below while we sat up top. He got off in Portsmouth and two other people got on, but they also stayed below. So... we were basically alone for the whole trip.