Zumba Kids

When Covid stopped Morgan from teaching her regular YMCA Zumba classes, she knew she needed to do something different. Turning to Zoom, she started teaching her regular Zumba class, but knew that kids needed something to keep them up and moving. So after recently getting her Zumba Kids certification, she started up the classes. The response has been so overwhelming that she knows she can't stop even once isolation is over.
Zumba is an umbrella of classes directed at different ages and abilities. You might remember we did a post awhile back on Zumbini, which is for babies. Zumba Kids is for children ages 3-6, Zumba is for adults, and Zumba Gold is for seniors.  
Morgan was actually introduced to Zumba when she took a class with her mom, who promptly signed her up to get her license. (Us mamas are like that!) It began as an extra hobby, but she fell in love with the fact that it combined fitness, dance, and absolute joy in one workout. The kids in her Zoom classes have clung to that joy too and they have an infectious energy that allows everyone to have a blast, even from their living rooms. The choreography is super simple and introduces moves that might be seen in adult classes, but broken down at a lower level.
I met Morgan for the first time when, without knowing me or anything about me, she volunteered at our Team Hurwitz for Pancreatic Cancer Research Zumbathon. I love how she radiates light and love, and these classes are no exception. Find her youtube channel here to get sweating for you and join her Facebook Group here to find her classes for both adults and kids.  Thanks Morgan!