Sandy Bottom Nature Park

Sandy Bottom is a 465-acre environmental education park and wildlife management center. The original Sandy Bottom was a pit formed when interstates took sand for the building highways. Since then tons of work have gone into the project to make it into the nature facility it is today.
Rentals are available for an insanely cheap price. John boats from $3 an hour, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks for $4 an hour. Fishing is allowed in specific places on the property. There are even campsites (no electricity or water), picnic shelters, and an amphitheater available. No alcohol is allowed in the park.  There is a dog park with a $10 a year membership. On the trails people can bring bikes and leashed pets. There is also a playground on the property.
There are tons of winding trails, a playground, and a nature center. We saw all kinds of birds, frogs, turtles, and even a snake, which made Neil jump about ten feet off the ground. If you're looking for somewhere to get away from everyone right now, pack some snacks and head out here. We saw some people, but we were able to easily keep far distances from everyone. 

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