Toddler Tuesday Tech Edition: ABCYa

ABCYA is a free (on the computer, some games free on a tablet) educational interactive website that caters from preschool age all the way to 6th grade.  Their Pre-k section is divided into letters, numbers, holiday, strategies, and skills. Some of my favorites in the ABC section are the Connect the Dots in ABC order, Trace the Letter, and Alphabet Sliders. They are perfect for RT's level as a 3 (almost four!) year old.
Under Math, the Fuzz Bugs Patterns, and Fuzz Bugs Sorting are great for him and I'm hoping to explore more of the 100 snowballs. For kids a little younger the Counting Fish, Number Match, and Birthday Candle Counting are great.

The Holiday section is mostly for fun, while the Strategy games can really work their brains. In Skills I love the Shape Patterns and Shapes Geometry ones. This site is great for any of those ages, so when you need something to do that is both fun, educational, and keep them quiet, check this out!

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