She Works Hard for the Mommy v. 12

Hi! I’m Missy, a pediatric physical therapist. I absolutely love my job because I help babies, toddlers, and young children learn to crawl, walk, and play. As a kid I wore a back brace for scoliosis. I went to the therapist but they were not kid friendly. So at 13 years old I knew this is what I wanted to do and I’d work with kids and make it fun and less scary.

It was very hard when my kids were little. Once my son was born I needed to work part-time because he was premature. I felt terribly guilty that I went into labor early because I was busy taking care of someone else’s baby instead of my own. Working part-time helped me find the balance between being a good mom and being a good PT. I feel it’s made me a better physical therapist because I wanted my baby in the NICU and I know how scary it is that your perfect baby needs help from someone other than his mother and father. So I feel like I don’t only treat the baby I work with closely with but work closely with family members so they can help build their child’s confidence!
Now I mainly work with babies from birth to age three doing early intervention. I go to the child’s house and work with baby and the whole family! I really love my job because early intervention helps them develop typical movement patterns so they can lead a full and typical life! I work with the company Select Kids, based out of Virginia Beach, and can be reached at

Thanks Missy! I have some exciting news. Missy will be joining us in the near future for an Ask Me Anything type post! Get your questions ready!