7 months

This one is really image heavy, but I'm using these to document all the things that happen. This month brought more changes. More talking, more mobility, more smiles, and more eating! The big news is- the first tooth! This boy is eating any and everything that he can get his hands on. This month brought visits from Uncle G Bus, smiles to all the ladies, snuggles from the pups, and visits with Uncle Christian to see superheros. It also brought the end of our latest swimming session with Katie's Kickers, which we love, a few warm days for playing outside, and hangout sessions with friends!  
We celebrated Valentine's Day this month too, went to birthday parties, attended Ronnie's first Babygarten class, and are loving lazy weekends. It also brought more excitement with Open Your Ears Records taking preorders for their first vinyl press. 
This sweet onesie was a gift from Ms. Janet who volunteers in my classroom regularly, and I couldn't be more thankful for! 
Check out this pup who couldn't keep those kisses away long enough to take a picture.