Toys Ahoy!

The Mariner's Museum is on a quest to turn their museum into a more family friendly place. We did a post about their Maritime Monday and the new things at the museum a while back.  With admission being only a dollar, there is no reason not to check out their Toys Ahoy exhibit.
The Toys Ahoy exhibit showcases over 100 examples of marine inspired childhood toys. This includes puzzles that kids can complete, a boat to climb in, and an over sized battleship game. 
From the exhibit I learned about the ban on toy production during the two world wars and how marine inspired toys, originally mostly from Germany, have now been made in America for years due to the war. 
Go on a Monday and check out the Maritime Monday. Be sure to stop by the lego table, the play ship, the international gallery and then head outside to play on the two wooden ships. Confession: I didn't know the international gallery was there the last time we visited. It's in a building in the back. With lots to play on and see, find a day to stop by!