6 Months

Half a year that our little guy has been with us! It's hard to believe. This month we traveled to two different places in North Carolina, explored around Hampton Roads, and went to Ronnie's first ODU game. We celebrated holidays, cheered in (early) New Year's Eve day, and spent lots of time with family. 
We moved into this house in July and are finally getting some of the last things done. We are trying to get everything hung and putting final touches on everything. Things I don' recommend, moving with a three week old! Sometimes that's just how things work out. 
The holidays are always hard for me. The days can seem like time markers leading up to the first when my dad died on the first. This year we will walk in the Purple Strides walk again. If you'd like to walk with us or donate to help with Pancreatic Cancer patients or research, please check it out here. I've talked a lot about dealing with loss with a toddler.  I can't encourage everyone enough to order one of these recordable books. My mom got one for Ronnie this year, because you just never know, and I think that these are so special. 
Half a year has passed, and I'm sure that in 6 more months I'll be looking back and reflecting on the year wondering where it went. Time is weird that way, we know it seems short and we are still shocked by the feeling. I try to remember to breathe it all in and enjoy it while it's happening. Cheers to the next six!