Skinny Dip

Of the million fond memories that I have of my father, one of the fondest was a surprise ice cream treat for me. Ice cream is serious in my family. My grandfather ate vanilla ice cream every.single.night. When my grandma was diagnosed with diabetes, (a sign your pancreas is breaking down) she literally could not understand that she had to live her life without ice cream. She didn't want sherbet, she wanted ice cream. More than once as a child my dad and I ate ice cream for breakfast. And so... one Sunday afternoon while my dad complained of a headache, there was only one solution- a surprise ice cream stop for me.
Now Skinny Dip isn't exactly ice cream, it's frozen yogurt, which I love because it's a little healthier- pretoppings. They have multiple flavors and options from vegan, to sugar free, dairy free, to low fat. Pair that with a huge selection of toppings- cereal, gummy worms, fruit, nuts, candy bar pieces, and even pie crust. 
The way it works; pick your base, load your toppings, and pay by the weight. But what we really love about Skinny Dip is that it has options for everyone. The bases include so many dietary restrictions, but even more than that they have doggie dips for pups and welcome this to sit on their patio. They also have small tables for kids and high chairs for babies. In their bathrooms they have little urinals, a changing table, and stools for the sink. They are a local chain (mostly- one Florida location) and they have fundraisers and birthday parties. 
Skinny Dip is one of the places that we ask for giftcards to in place of toys during holidays because we love going and spending the time together. Poor baby Ronnie wants to know where his is!