Teach Your Monster How To Read

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It's getting cold, and today is particularly gross, so here's some technology in case you need it to pass the time. Teach Your Monster To Read is the most out of this world reading program- heh, heh, heh. It's space monsters y'all. This program can be played on the computer for free or on an ipad or a tablet or phone for $4.99. The program was funded by the Usborne Foundation which tries to expose as many children to literature as possible. The game is for children at the first stages of learning, but can be used for older children who need reading practice too. It starts at letters and letter sounds to blends, segmenting words, all the way to sentences and then it even moves to small books.

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The first level is for pre-k students. Assuming a child plays for 20 minutes per night, the first section will last about seven weeks and will focus on letters and sounds. Step two in this phase lasts fourteen weeks and starts to put together some words with consonant vowel consonant patterns. If you've got a preschooler at home, check it out. Early literacy is so important for our babies! If you're looking for something for them to do, check out the program!